Rapid staging deployments for your projects

What is Devyzer?

Devyzer will help you deploy your projects on staging sandboxes for testing and demo purposes. Devyzer supports now PHP projects like Laravel, WordPress, and Static sites, and more is on the way!
Devyzer Silos will host your projects for them to be accessible online by your QA teams or clients, to test and get approvals before going into production.
In the Free plan on Devyzer beta, you are limited to having 2 Silos at the same time. The Silo's data will expire after 1 week, and after that, your Silo will be down and all data will be lost. Users however can choose to extend the expiration date before the Silo expires. An email will be sent as a reminder two days prior to expiration for notification purposes.
Other plans will be posted after the Beta phase is complete.

Features and Benefits

  • You can deploy your projects online easily and in no-time
  • Save your money by managing your deployments using Silos for different projects, without the need of having any dedicated hosting server for your projects
  • Use your own domain for your project deployments
  • Several customization options for your deployments:
    • Import an existing database data from a local file or from your repository
    • Customize the environment variables and deployment scripts
    • Access your Silo after deployment, and debug directly using the online Terminal
    • Ability to password protect your project
  • Can be Integrated with your CI-CDs, such as Jenkins or GitLab using Devyzer's API


If you need help with using Devyzer or have some feedback, you can reach out on [email protected] or chat with us directly through the website.